Deepwood Museum and Gardens In Salem Oregon

Deepwood Museum and GardensThis 5-acre property, now known as, Deepwood Museum and Gardens, or simply Deepwood, features amazing outdoor activity especially to nature-lovers. It consists, primarily, of two parts namely: the Formal Gardens and the Grounds and Nature Area. Since 1971, it became a public property when the City of Salem bought it from its private owner. The house was an original property of Dr. Luke Port in the late 19th century. Now, under the City’s and volunteers’ maintenance, Deepwood Museum and Gardens is available to enjoy and experience daily.

The Formal Gardens is a great venue for special events or for simpler activities like a strolling area or backdrop for picture-taking. It is available for guided tours or for a private reservation.

As to the Grounds and Nature Area, you can enjoy having picnics at Yew Park, appreciate the exotic plants at the Greenhouse, and then top it off with a nature walk along Rita Steiner Fry nature Trail, for instance.
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1116 Mission St SE, Salem, OR 97302